Uru Must-Dos

There’s no shortage of incredible activities to do in the area. 

Old Ghost Road Biking & Hiking Trail 


4-5 nights hiking

2-3 nights biking (advanced track)

Uru is nestled right next to the internationally renowned 85km Old Ghost Road, a scenic and breathtaking (literally) biking and hiking trail. It used to be a gold miners road connecting the old dray road the Lyell (Upper Buller gorge) to the mammoth Mokhunui river in the North. Uru is located a 10 minute bike from the start of the trail or a short 20 minute walk. 

Our eco-home is intentionally designed for bikers and hikers as we’ve included an e-bike outdoor charger, an outdoor stone bath to soak the muscles, super comfortable beds and with the option to have food stocked in the fridge and cupboards for when you arrive (because there are limited food options available in the area). After an 85 km bike or hike you might just want to chill out, kick back with a beer/wine or kombucha and eat your cheese board in peace!

More details on the Old Ghost Road Trial here.

Honeycomb Hill Caves - Karamea 

The Honeycomb Hill Cave is located in Karamea, an hour drive north of Uru eco-homes. These absolutely beautiful hidden gems are 100% worth a visit. We recommend booking your adventure through Oparara Guided Tours. 

Mangatini Falls 

These powerful waterfalls are found on the same road Uru eco-homes are nestled on. All you need to do is turn right out of the driveway and the walk starts at the end of Charming Creek Road (gravel road). It’s around a 10 drive to the end of the road where you will start the 11km or 3 hour round trip. It’s a great option for families as well!

Mokihinui beach

Peppered with driftwood this rugged but picture perfect beach is the ultimate location to see what seems like a Hawaiian sunset or sunrise. Mokihinui beach is only a 15 minute drive from Uru. You can park up on the beach with a flat white from the Cowshed (used to be one but now converted cafe). It is open from 9am-6pm throughout the summer months. 

The Infamous Pancake Rocks and Punakaiki Blow Holes 

An absolute must see if you have time on the coast! The rocks were formed 30 million years ago when minute fragments of dead marine creatures and plants landed on the seabed about 2 km below the surface. Intense water pressure caused them to solidify into layers of more resistant limestone and softer, thin, mud-rich layers caused by earthquakes.

And if you’re keen on some pancakes along with the stone kind you can stop by pancake rocks cafe to satisfy your cravings! This icon is located an hour and a half drive south from Uru and the loop around the rocks is a mare 1km walk. 

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