West Coast

Eco Homes

See you out west

Nestled among punga trees, hebes and the soft, nostalgic sound of crickets, you’ll find Uru. 

Whether you're cycling the Old Ghost Road Trail, exploring the Kahurangi National Park or just looking for a peaceful escape somewhere new, Uru eco homes are the perfect place to rest your head and recharge your soul. 

Everything in, and around an Uru eco home is carefully crafted and considered. From the raw materials used to the trinkets inside, we’ve been intentional around every little detail.

Experience The wonders of
the west coast with uru

We’re all about the details.

During your stay, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a stress-free, nature-filled experience.

Open plan kitchen & living room
Outdoor stone bath
Potted herbs
e-Bike chargers
Food & drink available
Laundry facilities
Art from local creatives